If you’ve landed on this page of my website it’s because you are either; A) a writer, B) interested in becoming a writer, or C) you’re simply curious about writing and the publishing industry. In any case, I hope you will find this information helpful!

Things you need to know about writing:
Read—Reading is critical to the writing process. It broadens the mind and expands your vocabulary and creativity. I don’t know any good writers who aren’t avid readers.

Study the craft—Writing is an art form. Study it. Read it. Practice it. Take classes. Writing a good book isn’t easy, but authors who put time into it make it look that way.

Write every day—Writing a book requires hours and hours of uninterrupted time. If you write something every day (it could be a sentence, a paragraph, or a couple of pages) you will complete your book before you know it. You will also become a better writer because you will improve with practice.

Tell a good story—Develop your characters and craft your storyline so that readers will be interested in what you have to say. Make sure that your beginning, middle, and end flow into one seamless, page-turning tale.

Things you need to know about publishing:
—This non-traditional form of publishing has taken the industry by storm. The growing popularity of e-books and the access to online marketing has allowed aspiring writers to publish their own work rather than waiting on a traditional publisher to offer them a book deal. The author also has complete creative control over their work and ownership of their product. However, it is still an uphill struggle to gain broad distribution and national attention for your work.

Traditional publishing— Getting a book deal is tough, but having a good agent can help. Your agent will pitch your book to publishers and cement your deal. A traditional publisher will incur all the up-front costs of producing your book and can offer broad distribution that self-publishing often doesn’t allow. However, in many cases you have little, and in some extreme cases, no creative control of your work.

Learn all there is to know—
Publishing is a tough, competitive business and you need to know the ends and outs before you jump in. Network with other authors, attend industry events, and do your research…and I repeat, DO YOUR RESEARCH…um, did I say DO YOUR RESEARCH! Do not depend on other authors to give you all the answers because they cannot. Everyone’s journey is different so chart your own path.

I’ve combined the experience and skills I’ve learned along my publishing journey into an informative, professional coaching service that can help you achieve your publishing goals. If you’re interested in taking your first step toward becoming a published author, please contact me for a one-on-one coaching session today!

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