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                                           Delivering the right message to your intended audience is crucial to the success of any event, and having the right speaker to present that message is the key! Trice Hickman is an accomplished business woman, author, and motivational speaker who can turn your next event into a memorable moment. Trice holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Winston-Salem State University, and a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Arts Studies from Wake Forest University. Prior to founding her own publishing company, Platinum Books, and publishing three award-winning, bestselling novels within three years, Trice spent over a decade working in management positions for both corporate and non-profit organizations. Trained in the art of communication—both written and verbal—and with her vast experience and skills leading diverse communities in various industries, Trice has developed a versatile speaking platform that can bring a unique voice and perspective to any event.

Speaker Platform/Areas of Expertise

Tearing Down the Wall
Always an avid reader and lover of the written word, Trice longed to write a novel for years. However, she was plagued by writer’s block until she found her break-through moment. During this power-packed presentation, Trice shares how she overcame her fears, followed her dreams, and became an award-winning, bestselling author. This presentation will motivate, inspire, and give attendees the tools to plan, manage, and overcome daily challenges.

Outrageous Ambition
Ever wonder why some people with talent are highly successful while others with the same amount of talent are not? Is it simply luck? Is it being in the right place at the right time? Or, is it hard work and determination that nets achievement? During this presentation, Trice provides attendees with an informative, hands-on approach to success building that includes; goal setting, time management, networking, and self-promotion and marketing techniques.

Charting Your Path: Develop a Plan and Execute It
In 2006, Trice resigned from her job as a manager for an international legal association in the Nations Capital, to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. In March 2007, she founded Platinum books and released her debut novel in November of that year. That novel, (which literary agents and publishers had previously rejected), went on to garner critical acclaim, win two literary awards, top several bestsellers lists, and is currently under review for movie/screen play options. During this presentation, Trice will share the step-by-step plan she developed that took her from corporate employee to accomplished author and publisher. Attendees will be empowered with hands-on strategies and tips that will help them turn their dreams into action.

How to Successfully Publish, Market, Promote, and Sell Your Own Book
With so many books flooding the market, it is widely reported that the average author sells an estimated 500 books a year, and many sell even less than that. During this presentation, Trice provides attendees with a step-by-step guide for how to become a successful author in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Topics include; how to form your own publishing company, copyrighting, book cover design and layout, distribution, marketing strategies, reaching your audience through social networking, selling techniques and more.

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