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After I became a published author I was eager to meet with book clubs to discuss my debut novel, Unexpected Interruptions. I’ll never forget my first book club meeting with S.A.G.E. Book Club of Germantown, MD. This wonderful group of passionate readers welcomed me into their fold with open arms. We had a grand time talking about love, life, relationships, children, men, food, and oh yeah…my book! It was a wonderful experience, setting the stage for many more! Since that first meeting, I’ve met with fabulous book clubs from across the country. I’ve been privileged to enjoy the fellowship of these dedicated readers, and I’ve been blessed as a humble recipient of their love and support. Book clubs are more than just a group of people who gather together to read and discuss books, book clubs are the life-line of an author’s career, and an integral part of the literary and social landscape of our society. Book clubs are involved in a host of activities such as; sponsoring literary events, organizing food and clothing drives, volunteering in
their communities, and participating in educational programs.

THANK YOU BOOK CLUBS, for all that you do!

I love meeting with book clubs, so if you have chosen one of my novels as your Book of the Month (BOM) and would like to discuss it with me, I'd love to participate in your meeting! I can join you in person, by phone, or through skype.
Please send me an email at, tricehickman@yahoo.com, and we'll make it happen!
I’d like to feature a picture of your book club on my website. If your club has read one of my novels, please take a picture of your group holding the book, reading the book, or any kind of fun shot you’d like, send it to me and I’ll post it! Email your pictures to tricehickman@yahoo.com.

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